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Visit our families who have sucessfully built their families through open adoption.

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What is open adoption. What is the history of open adoption in the United States.

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Visit our waiting families who are seeking to adopt through open adoption.

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Visit our families who have successfully built their families through open adoption.

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Our birthmother and family resource page is filled with helpful links and articles specically for Birthmothers & birthfamilies. Support Group information, birthmother suggested reading, articles and links.

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Our linking fees and outline of how to become one of our waiting family.

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Do you need us to build your adoption website? Click here to about our parent profile services and sample selection.

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Resources & Links

Our adoptive family resource page is filled with helpful links and articles specically for the adoptive family. Support Group information, open adoption suggested reading, articles and links.

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OA listing of Adoption Professionals, Open Adoption Agencies, Specialsits and Facilitators.

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Links to Adoptee support groups, open record status links, and information.

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The state of our adoption laws

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Definition of adoption terms commonly used in the open adoption profession.

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Welcome to Mama Bears

Mama Bears is an open adoption website where birthparents can meet prospective adoptive families.

We can create your online "Dear Birthmother" letters and link it to the Internet, or we can provide a link to your existing adoption website.

Mama Bears only accepts links from families who are seeking an open adoption.
We are not adoption professionals. We do however require that all families have a completed home study, and post on their adoption website the Adoption Agency, and or Adoption Attorney that they are clients with.

If you are a birthmother and are considering placing your baby through open adoption or a family who is considering open adoption as a way to build your family, it is essential that you acquire the services of an adoption professional that you can trust to guide you through the adoption process.

Enjoy our families and the site. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at,

Thank You!

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